Highest 99 Strength
Average 71.0
Lowest 42 Hunter


RS Name Up to date
Last activity January 13th
Last stat check January 18th
Skill Level XP rank
ehp EHPEHP lookup disabled
⚔️ Combat11947,937,734
📊 Total163459,974,447244,697
attack Attack9711,238,724110,351
defence Defence905,559,914155,010
strength Strength9913,209,593128,818
hitpoints Hitpoints9710,738,112171,641
ranged Ranged822,657,145424,525
prayer Prayer72984,104181,938
magic Magic853,550,142311,904
cooking Cooking69676,764560,097
woodcutting Woodcutting68646,465482,586
fletching Fletching853,310,788168,989
fishing Fishing65457,313515,035
firemaking Firemaking65463,172407,107
crafting Crafting66504,839362,159
smithing Smithing63399,816339,395
mining Mining70742,670255,372
herblore Herblore59266,694309,167
agility Agility70737,806319,128
thieving Thieving56189,140333,066
slayer Slayer853,285,769168,053
farming Farming51112,023387,557
runecrafting Runecrafting4885,534308,328
hunter Hunter4248,105521,725
construction Construction50109,815380,168

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