Highest 99 Cooking
Average 99.0
Lowest 99 Construction


RS Name Up to date
Last activity September 19th
Last stat check September 19th
Skill Level XP rank
ehp EHPEHP lookup disabled
⚔️ Combat126233,682,815
📊 Total2277729,653,948542
attack Attack9937,644,4032,506
defence Defence9921,955,8277,947
strength Strength9941,309,7822,194
hitpoints Hitpoints9949,746,1553,194
ranged Ranged9934,689,6006,374
prayer Prayer9913,362,5421,875
magic Magic9934,974,506992
cooking Cooking99200,000,000483
woodcutting Woodcutting9919,820,3713,398
fletching Fletching9921,232,2291,658
fishing Fishing9913,479,8509,180
firemaking Firemaking9928,452,9871,135
crafting Crafting9933,228,261238
smithing Smithing9924,303,139490
mining Mining9913,211,5946,487
herblore Herblore9914,441,6461,127
agility Agility9925,176,530413
thieving Thieving9914,264,0685,720
slayer Slayer9917,888,9424,964
farming Farming9919,641,2902,794
runecrafting Runecrafting9923,574,431411
hunter Hunter9914,091,9275,245
construction Construction9913,163,8682,402

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