WG Mushroom


Highest 99 Hitpoints
Average 80.6
Lowest 65 Construction


RS Name Up to date
Last activity January 19th
Skill Level XP rank
ehp EHP493
⚔️ Combat12069,998,348
📊 Total185395,932,58262,715
attack Attack948,328,00494,396
defence Defence948,578,15379,675
strength Strength9812,245,316118,255
hitpoints Hitpoints9914,908,46773,919
ranged Ranged9913,600,09364,931
prayer Prayer771,603,69565,496
magic Magic9710,734,62069,237
cooking Cooking761,468,041191,989
woodcutting Woodcutting69677,601336,738
fletching Fletching70745,757308,967
fishing Fishing70741,329263,141
firemaking Firemaking66503,937228,391
crafting Crafting801,993,82057,272
smithing Smithing761,440,08162,598
mining Mining751,288,93276,936
herblore Herblore802,154,23649,213
agility Agility812,195,72334,800
thieving Thieving751,255,09863,847
slayer Slayer937,776,49340,372
farming Farming72906,417101,390
runecrafting Runecrafting781,656,49430,453
hunter Hunter69670,846132,875
construction Construction65459,429123,330

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